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Pamela Christian compassionately asks you:

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Is your life as victorious as you have wanted? 

Are you anxious about your future?

Is your hope fading?

The answers to your personal needs are found in faith, based on absolute truth that generates confident hope. This web site offers you a variety of resources to help you live a successful life - a life of confident faith that produces amazing results. God is just as tired of you not living a vibrant, effective life as you are. You just need some assistance. First step:  Take the Faith Health Quiz!  Second step: Watch the Book Trailer below. Third step: Read an excerpt from Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies. Download PDF here. 




Faith to Live By is the title of my current three-book series. What we believe impacts every area in life, mentally, emotionally, practically and spiritually, yet few people take the time to seriously consider what they believe and why. Instead many simply adopt the beliefs of family and friends. But, as I've learned, unless we intentionally examine what we believe, we could easily be basing our life - our eternal life - on lies, without realizing it. I want you to discover the same truth and hope I have, to realize the victorious life Christ died to provide you. 

While I have several messages, articles and books on different subjects, they all are faith centric. Hebrews 11:6 states: And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

To personally discover God is amazing in and of itself! But to be in position to receive the abundant, victorious life God wants us to enjoy through faith in Jesus is awesome in every sense of the word. My most recent work is a book series to help people discover:

  • Essential faith - that is saving faith through believing and receiving what Jesus the Redeemer offers
  • Effective faith - that is mountain-moving faith that enables Believers to overcome any and all of life's adversities
  • Excellent faith - that is faith that is rooted, grounded, and abiding in God's love

In reality these three expressions produce, faith, hope, and love - the fundamental operational principles by which we can experience God's Kingdom on earth. 

From my blog posts that share life-transforming articles, to complimentary eBooklets, special online events, live events, bible studies, and my "Faith to Live By" book series, I continually strive to help you discover the victorious life you were meant to have. You are welcome here any time and are encouraged to help yourself to our many free resources that we add to regularly.

Pamela's Recent Blog Posts


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"Pam's willingness to be real, transparent, and honest, allowed our women to open up and trust God to heal wounded areas, challenge stubborn hearts, and to celebrate changed lives..."

"The 'word of the weekend' was definitely healing."

"What hope she shared with those hurting or in need! She reaches women of all age groups and all levels of faith in a bold yet sensitive manner." 

"I watched their faces as they talked and prayed, confident that Pam understood them and heard and cared."

"Pam effectively identifies with the women of today."

"... fresh and relevant to the needs of those she teaches."

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Pamela's Perspective

I am an inspirational speaker and author who compassionately challenges you to know what you believe and why you believe it (Believing Faith). I am a motivational speaker providing you with the tools you need to apply faith to your everyday life, (Effective Faith). And as a disciple of Jesus Christ I seek to help you live your life motivated by His love, (Excellent Faith). Hear a sample speaking demo.

My first in a three-book series Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies, is precisely what the vast majority of people need, especially today when mistrust and confusion are rampant, world-wide. As "the Faith Doctor," I'm devoted to helping you examine, acquire and develop a faith that will not fail you when you need it the most. And for every ten books sold direct by us, one book is donated for evangelistic outreach. Learn about becoming an affiliate.


I'm able to personally meet with you and your group, connecting on a deeper level to help you examine what you believe and why you believe it so you can know your life - your eternal life - is based on truth. Don't delay, contact me today and start realizing the successful, abundant life Christ died to give you!

As a national Christian speaker, Pamela Christian seeks to partner with churches and organizations to host and promote outreach events where we will present compelling and uplifting programs and offer resources to enhance the local work of the church/organization, to extend their community influence, and increase their membership support.

If this is something you're interested in suggesting to your church or organization, let's begin dialogue about specifically how Pamela Christian Ministries can help you. Simply use our Contact Us form to get started.

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