Pamela Christian is a thought-provoking, motivational speaker, author, and media personality who inspires hope.

Pam’s Passion

Pam compassionately asks you:

  • Is your life as victorious as you have wanted?
  • Are you anxious about your future?
  • Have life’s adversities eroded your hope?

The answers to your personal needs are found in faith based on absolute truth that generates confident hope. This web site offers you a variety of resources to help you live a successful life.  Read More>>>

Faith to Live By

Faith has been abused. Most people don’t understand confident faith – they only know about blind faith. Blind faith is useless. Award-winning author, and television Host, Pamela Christian knows from experience that anyone who has “mountains in their life that need moving” must have a real and certain faith. That’s why all her work is devoted to help you discover and live in life-giving truth – the very abundant life Christ died to provide us. Read More>>>

Teaching and Equipping

Pam knows by considerable personal experience that life is difficult. Enjoying a successful, abundant life is not something many people do, even though it is completely attainable. Out of learning how to overcome an array of otherwise devastating life’s adversities, Pam devotes her life to helping others discover and live in life-giving truth. Candidly sharing from her own life experiences, Pam has helped countless others discover truth and hope they never thought they’d find. Read More>>>

Helping You Live the Abundant Life Christ Died to Give You